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Breakfast Burrito Snuffle Mat

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Good morning pups! Hungry for something fun? Get a burrito!
Our Breakfast Burrito Snuffle Mat is not just as delicious as it looks, it is an interactive mentally stimulating toys perfectly designed for all sizes of pups! Hide treats in many different hidden spots of the burrito ( or fold it up to enhance the challenge!)and watch your pups for a fun sniffing time! 

What's good about snuffle mat?
- 15 minutes of snuffle training is equivalent to an hour of walking
- Snuffle pet training mats are proven to reduce boredom and anxiety by stimulating  your pup's brain and sense of smell
- Develops healthy, slow eating habit
- Increases focus and overall confidence
- Encourages and strengthens natural foraging skills.
- Low impact activity for pups with limited mobility
- Keeps your pup mentally and physically healthy


Felt Fabric, Wool


30 x 30 cm


Not for aggressive chewers. Like every other toy, this toy is not indestructible. We recommend to always supervise your pup when playing with a toy and immediately remove and replace it if it’s damaged. Handwash with cold water.

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